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We're back for 2014!

Kicking off the BUCK weekend is our premiere music festival, the Summer Sun Celebration, featuring bands and artists from across the world.

The event runs from 7PM until 1AM on the Friday before BUCK, and will be unleashing some of the biggest names and best talent from the community upon Manchester.

We're back in Manchester Central, and its gorgeous Central Hall. Once Manchester's main railway station, it’s now an enormous space for our stage, with loads of space for dancing as well as a sit-down bar area for those who prefer a more relaxed atmosphere.

The Lineup

Acoustic Brony

Ab emblem

Made up of two of the best of British, Acoustic Brony comprises of Jimmy and Edd in one of the longest and consistent pony music partnerships.

Whilst best known for their great acoustic songs, they have also produced a surprising number of rock, chiptune and other electronic music.

The pair have created some exceptional tracks including numerous collaborations with Mando Pony, to form the 'AcoustiMandoBrony' side project; their work on the 'Fighting is Magic' character theme tunes; the Elements series; as well as the huge collaboration that made it onto Balloon Party 'Breaking Bonds'.

Acoustic Brony played at last year's Summer Sun Celebration to a huge crowd of people in Manchester Central's massive hall, and this year the duo return with a full rock band (Ed and Jamie) to bring you a whole new experience; which even came with an application about their mission to save the world through the power of Rock that was so good we turned it into a promotional video.

Desert Island Top Three

Well I want to try and make the most of staying on the island... so swimming trunks; a boomerang to maybe get some food; and my guitar, obviously.

Well I agree with you on the acoustic guitar, I'll have a set of tools so I can probably make a raft or a boat... a small little hut: something; and a picture of Michael Caine. Because Michael Caine.

Best Sound Effect

The Metal Gear Solid exclamation mark sound.

Mine probably has to be the sound of a game boy when you turn it on: the originals, not the new ones.

Every song has to have...

Dreamy Texture!

Half time...


Addicita emblem

Constantly exploring all the electronic genres of music, Addictia now has three EPs spanning a wide variety of styles including Hardstyle, Dubstep, and House; and six years of music production under his belt.

After his roof-raising success at last year's Summer Sun Celebration, Addictia returns to the stage once again this year with a fresh batch of both remixes and brand new material. You'll also find him at the Music Production panel of the convention, explaining his tips and tricks to how his stunning music takes form.

General Mumble


General Mumble started really driving his music around four years ago, and since then has released a monolithic number of tracks across a wide variety of styles.

Some of his most notable being "She's A Pony" "Couldn't You Just Simply Die?" "Crush. Kill. Destroy. Swag." and "Appleshake". With over 41 albums released, he has one of the most diverse and expansive collections of music in the community.

Though he has played live in the past, his only experience as a solo performer was at last years convention, and this year he will be joining us once again for the Summer Sun Celebration.



Hailing all the way from Russia's capital city of Moscow, HMage is a DJ who focuses on epic trance sets and is often seen performing as part of Thorinair's 'State of Pony'.

Some of you may recognise HMage from his Balloon Party track, “What Stays What Goes”, his dance remix of PinkiePieSwear's 'Flutterwonder' (which is probably one of the best tracks in the fandom), or his contribution to Seeds of Kindness; “Undivided Horizons”. Aside from producing stellar tracks, his greatest strength is in knowing how to put on a great show. He has DJed for many different events across Europe and beyond, and we are delighted to have him part of this years convention.

Having performed at The Lunar Eclipse last year, HMage will be bringing us a fully charged DJ set of trance, electro, and more to this years Summer Sun Celebration.

We caught up with HMage and asked him some of our infamous random questions!

What I'm doing for the SSC Stage

I'm gonna play both brony and commercial music that I think you'll enjoy.

Best Sound (effect)


Every Song Has to Have...


Dream Stage

It's not the stage, it's the crowd. The bigger and happier the crowd, the better.

Favourite Instrument


How you got started

Got a hold of sound forge when I was a kid and spent lots of time playing with EQ's, compressors and other effects, trying to figure its purpose and how it works, on my own. There was no internet back then so I couldn't google or read wikipedia.


Icky   emblem

Icky has a diverse catalog of music that’s always changing direction in new and interesting ways.

His two albums, “Operation Icky” and “Icky’s World Takeover” show exactly how varied his style can be. Under his belt are an extensive number of collaborations, in which he has worked with a plethora of different musicians, including Addictia, ArtAttack, Speedcore Dave!, Whitetail and many more.

Icky will be coming all the way from the Netherlands for his second year at the Summer Sun Celebration. Whether it’s hardstyle, garage, dubstep, breakbeat or something completely new, he’s is sure to bring a unique sound for you to enjoy!

Lavender Harmony

Lavender   emblem

Whether it’s fusing her knowledge of orchestral music with a modern EDM twist, or doing something totally different,

Lavender isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of genres and try new things. She started out making purely orchestral tracks, but first gained exposure through the Balloon Party project, with her track Arrivederci, which was followed up by Desinenza, a spiritual sequel to the original song.

Lavender will be performing a non-stop onslaught of tracks at this years Summer Sun Celebration, taking her classically-infused creations and mashing them up live. Her set will include a mix of genres, leaning heavily on her favourite genre, drum and bass, but expect a few twists and turns along the way.

Mic The Microphone

Mic   emblem

Mic has been an extremely active part of the community for over two years.

He is known for his vocal and musical talents, dramatic readings, and his charity livestreams which have in the past gone up to sixty hours in length. For the first time he will be flying all the way from California to join us at BUCK 2014!

He will be bringing his skills as a performer to the stage at the Summer Sun Celebration, collaborating with many of our performers, bringing us some of his own material, as well as being our Master of Ceremonies for the duration, and will be with us for the whole convention, at events and on the stage.

Prince Whateverer

Pw square

Prince Whateverer is a guitarist, vocalist and producer direct from the urban jungle of the UK’s capital city.

You may know some of his tracks: “Between Fairytales and Happy Endings”, “Breaking Bonds” and “Bullies and Best Friends”; or may have heard him in one of his many collaborations with the community’s greatest rock and alternative artists.

Bringing a metal mashup of unique tracks to the stage, he will be performing his own material live for the first time!

The Living Tombstone

Tombstone   emblem

The Living Tombstone has made himself a name in the community over the past few years, to the extent where it’s rare to find someone who hasn’t heard of him!

He has an extensive portfolio of music, including collaborations and remixes of some of the fandom’s latest and greatest. He is constantly evolving his tried and true electro-pop and rock sounds, and is never afraid to experiment with new ideas.

Tombstone will be coming all the way from Israel to be with us for the second year running at the convention, as well as this years Summer Sun Celebration. He’ll be bringing you classic tracks, remixes, and as he is currently working on yet another album, expect some brand new material too.


Twigileia 500

Twigileia is a talented artist specialising in digital artwork of many fandoms and communities. Twigileia will be MCing The Summer Sun Celebation and The Lunar Eclipse music concerts!

She will be also be hosting an artists workshop, demonstrating how she makes her beautiful digital artwork.

More Info

  • Doors will open around 19:00, and the gig will be over by around 01:00
  • Your convention ticket doesn't get you in (unless it's a Celestia ticket) - you'll need an SSC ticket seperately
  • Disabled access to the venue is excellent, and there's a viewing platform
  • There will be a bar! You won't be able to bring in drinks. Water will be free

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